About us…

Welcome to the “Blood, Fire and the Pillars of Smoke”!


I’m Edward, and this is my blog, the place where I share two of my greatest passions – food and photography.

I’ve always loved to cook. When I was 9 years old, I found a cake recipe in one of my mom’s magazines, walked into the kitchen, looked at my mom and stated I was about to bake a cake. Boy, was that a mess :). But I did not give up and began experimenting. With my mom’s and dad’s help first, and then – flying solo. Making a long story short, it’s been quite a lot of interesting dishes and even more of them going straight to the bin :).

About 6 years ago, visiting Toronto, Canada, I came across a book in one of those “outdoor world” stores – “How to Grill” by Steven Raichlen. I bought the book just before taking a flight back home, to Israel, and took the book onboard. I had no idea what a mistake it was! Looking at those mouthwatering photos and eating plane food… I never actually overcame that trauma :). Few days after coming home I bought a gas grill – Weber Genesis, and let me tell you… It has not rested even a single weekend ever since! I totally fell in love with the open fire cooking and decided to start a blog, dedicated to this ultimately primal way of making food.

About a year ago I decided also to take a food photography class to make my photos more appealing, and eventually, this blog has taken it’s current shape – the place where I share with you my tryouts, experiences, homages of recipes I collect all over the world, and also my culinary experiences, be it a restaurant I’ve been at or a trip I went to… And no, that’s not just another food blog, mind you :). This is a window to my kitchen, my passion and my life.

So, start surfing through and enjoy my blog! Oh and… by all means, please do feel free to comment, respond, write to me just about anything you like – I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!



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