Pork loin roast – classic barbecuing


Pork loin is one of my favorite cuts. It is equally great for steaks, kabobs or, butterflied, as a wrap for stuffing it with anything you can think of. But today I am sharing a whole pork loin roast, a classic indirect grilling made simple.

When roasting a pork loin one of the main things is to have an even formed cut with a nice fat cap, ideally – skin on. The even form will make sure it’s cooked evenly, and the fat cap won’t let the loin dry out during the roasting.

Before you actually roll the pork loin into a nice roast, don’t forget to score the skin with a knife – that is to prevent the roast from deformation, as well as to let the melting fat trickle down and moist the meat. So, once rolled, use a kitchen twine to tie it and apply your favorite rub. As usual, I use my own, which recipe you can find right here.

Indirect grilling… Basically, that’s a smart term for turning your grill or a barbecue into an oven. You make sure the cut is not directly above the fire, you close the lid – and here you go, you’ve got yourself an oven! Now, when you got that part sorted out – let’s deal with the temperature.

I usually preheat my grill to high and give the meat a nice heat shock for about 15 minutes. Then put the heat down to a medium and keep going for another hour, or until the instant-read thermometer shows me 75-80C (170-175F) in the center of the cut. Once there, take the roast off the grill and loosely cover with aluminium foil for another 10-15 minutes… Then slice, serve and enjoy!


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