Grilling a whole rack of lamb, made simple


G’day, folks!

Today I’m grilling a whole rack of lamb. There are many ways to do it, but my all times favorite – reverse searing until the “rose” doneness degree. How to do it? Keep on reading 🙂

So, rack of lamb… Love that cut. It’s a rack of ribs, trimmed and ready to be sliced. This specific one came from Woolworths, and I must admit, it’s quite good!

Reverse searing is a method, where the cut is grilled indirectly first on a medium heat (that’s around 175C or 350F), and once it almost reached it’s doneness temperature (which, for me, is around 60-63C or 140-145F), it’s moved to a high direct heat for a nice crust outside – something like 3-4 min per side. Told you, making it simple!

Here’s a tip – indirect grilling in most cases doesn’t require flipping the meat over. More than that – avoid as much as possible opening the lid of your grill. Always remember – if you’re peeking, you ain’t barbecuing :).

Rub – as always, my favorite one, BBQ dry rub #1. Grab your recipe for it here. I wanted to serve this one with a sauce, but.. well, it was gone before I pulled that sauce out of the fridge! I got some real carnivores down here!



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