Pork fillet & bacon roll


Hi mates!

It’s been a long while, as I’ve been busy with my other projects, which I will be delighted to share with you quite soon. My wood workshop has been made fully operational and I am trying my luck as a hobbyist woodworker.

However, my barbie was not given any days off! So here is a quick and very easy to make pork fillet roll, grilled, needless to mention. And with some extra bacon reinforcement it really is a treat!

I get my pork fillets as a bulk buy, and these are usually way cheaper. So, here we go:

  • 4 pork fillets, whole
  • 16 strips of good fatty bacon (if these are long strips, you will need less, but hell, everything tastes better with bacon, right?)
  • Some BBQ rub – either mine, from this link, or your preferred store bought one. Even SP&G will work good (and if you don’t know what SP&G is, you really gotta watch some BBQ Pit Boys episodes on YouTube!).
  • Kitchen twine or few toothpicks
  • 2-3 tbsp of olive oil

First we need to flatten those pork fillets. Take a good sharp knife and make a cut along the fillet about ¼” (7-8 mm) from the cutting board. Cut should be almost all the way through, leaving the same ¼” (7-8 mm) of connected meat. Now repeat the process till you flatten the whole fillet into a ¼” thick rectangular sheet. Pat it to flatten with your palm, and do the other fillets. That’s it! The hardest part is done. Oh, and don’t worry if you got some cuts through the meat – as long as you will be able to roll it, it’s perfectly fine!

Now, grab those bacon strips and remove the hard skin if it has it on. Cut it to the length of the fillet sheets and set aside.

Note: The pork fillet is the only muscle in the pork that really didn’t do much while that pig was alive. That’s why the pork fillet is so tender, and that is also why it has a very low fat percentage. By adding bacon we raise the fat amount in the roll, and, while grilling, the melting fat moisturizes the meat and keeps it tender and juicy.

Take the flattened fillets and sprinkle with the rub, generously, then give it a nice good massage with your hands. Lay the bacon strips on top, roll the fillet sheet like a sushi and tie with the twine or fix with the toothpick. I strongly recommend the twine, as the toothpick will burn quite fast.

Preheat your grill to medium-high heat, rub the fillets with olive oil, sprinkle with some more rub and grill them directly about 13-15 minutes turning every 2 minutes or so, kinda like a big sausage.

Once done, take off the grill, slice and enjoy!


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