“Blue Sky” – fine dining in Tel Aviv, on the kosher side



Despite the fact this blog will be mainly dedicated to open fire cooking recipes, I will also try to write about interesting culinary experiences around the globe, which I’ve gathered quite a lot in my travels. Today – it is about a unique place, which gives you a chance to experience the genuine fine dining cuisine, but on the kosher side of it. And guess what? It is damn good!

Chef Meir Adoni is by all means a person I consider a role model. He’s one of the most renowned chefs in Israel, and his food is an absolutely stunning fusion between the contemporary French cuisine and his Moroccan roots. The presentation is… well, you will soon see for yourself. The way Meir plays with tastes and textures takes his dishes to the heights one can only dream of. I do have the experience to compare Meir’s dishes to those of the greatest chefs of our days – Joel Robuchon, Albert and Alain Roux, Gordon Ramsay – and in my opinion, Meir does not fall from them.

A cocktail to begin with – this is a mojito version, with mint and arak, alcoholic drink made of anise. Very refreshing, especially considering that the day was quite hot.


First courses – green almonds salad and Jerusalem artichoke soup. I do admit I am not a big fan of soups. But this one was absolutely amazing. It was served with Jerusalem artichoke fries and pumpkin and sweet potatoes puree.



Green almonds salad is one of those dishes that leave an unforgettable impression. Grouper sashimi, roasted fennel, sliced green almonds, ginger, shallots, cured lemon, almonds, Aloe Vera jelly, yogurt foam. One word – crazy.



Main courses – Norwegian salmon sashimi, Thai baby grouper “Hrayme” and sea bream risotto. Let’s start with the sashimi. As the menu says: dried mandarin, tomato, chili, cucumbers Jin and tonic jelly, almonds, roasted pineapple, black quinoa, tapioca pearls, spicy asian vinaigrette. This is the dish that really made my day. Absolutely perfect balance and the game of textures.




Now, “hrayme” is, basically, a north-African fish dish in a hot tomato sauce. Traditional, cooked for centuries, and I would never think it can have even a single thing to do with fine dining cuisine. What a surprise… Here is the baby grouper “Hrayme”, Meir Adoni style.ย Red curry with coconut milk, lemongrass, chili, shallots, roasted eggplants, tempura eggplants, fried baby grouper, coriander, white rice with coconut shavings.



The sea bream risotto is a very nice and interesting dish.ย Sea bream baked in salt crust, peas, asparagus, broad beans, lemon, soy sauce, fish sauce, coriander seeds, chili, garlic and parmesan. One of the tastiest risotto dishes I’ve ever had.



Now the desserts. For a chocolate junkie like me, the desserts here are, in one word, heaven. Here’s the Valrhona bar. Financier Amarena cherries, nougat & hazelnut mousse, cashew nuts mousse, crumble pumpkin & nuts, almonds tuile and brown butter ice cream. No more words needed :).


Exotic fruit soup – a very refreshing and light dessert.ย Coconut milk, citrus and passion fruit, summer fruits, tapioca, raspberries and tarragon sorbet.


Chocolate chili tart. This one almost took the 1st place, but then again, the Valrhona won :). Nevertheless, this is an absolutely wonderful dessert, and I simply loved the combination of ingredients, tastes and textures. Chocolate junkie, did I mention that? ๐Ÿ™‚ So, here we go, short and simple: flexible chocolate ganache, peanut butter foam, caramelised peanuts and creme anglaise Kahlua.


So, to summarise, this was one of the most incredible meals I had. If you like fine dining, and you happen to be in Tel Aviv – do yourself a big favor and do not give up on at least a lunch in Blue Sky. Or, if the kosher part is not your “make it or break it” thing – visit “Catit”, Meir Adoni flagship restaurant, which gives the best culinary experience I’ve ever had in Israel.

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Web site: http://www.blueskybyma.co.il

15th floor Carlton Tel Aviv hotel on the beach. 10 Elieze peri street.
Open Sunday-Thursday, Lunch :12:30-17:30, Dinner :17:30-23:00

4 comments on ““Blue Sky” – fine dining in Tel Aviv, on the kosher side

  1. Ed, this was an epic and gastronomical grand treat! Thank you for sharing! That salmon sashimi (my favorite food, other than conch ceviche or grilled cobia) is the single most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen and I now have that as my “wallpaper” background on my laptop today and with a CHEERS to you and Chef Meir Adoni! WON-DER-FUL! Extraordinary post! Cheers! – Leah


    • Hi Leah,

      Thank you for this comment! It indeed was a one of a kind experience. The only more powerful one I had was when Meir invited Albert Roux for a joined weekend here in Israel, in his “Catit” restaurant.

      I was really thrilled to hear you have my photo as your wallpaper ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I will make sure Meir sees your comment – he reads my posts sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚



  2. Rebecca K says:

    These photos are stunning! Who knew Kosher could look so good ๐Ÿ™‚


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