Hummus with musabbaha – Middle East on a plate

When people talk about Middle Eastern cuisine, one of the most popular dishes is hummus. It is mostly considered just a dip, made of chickpeas, but that’s such an underestimation! Hummus can be the entree, the main course – the sky is the limit, really! So this time, I am bringing you one of my most favorite way to serve hummus – with musabbaha topping. What’s that? Read on!

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“Blue Sky” – fine dining in Tel Aviv, on the kosher side



Despite the fact this blog will be mainly dedicated to open fire cooking recipes, I will also try to write about interesting culinary experiences around the globe, which I’ve gathered quite a lot in my travels. Today – it is about a unique place, which gives you a chance to experience the genuine fine dining cuisine, but on the kosher side of it. And guess what? It is damn good!

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