Happy New 2016 Year – Sydney style

Early Fireworks

Dear Friends!

I wish you all a great and happy New Year, and may all your wishes and desires come true!

This is how the New Year was celebrated in Sydney – over 23 000 fireworks, more than 7 million dollars invested, hundreds of thousands of people… Absolutely spectacular.

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Sydney is the place… or how I became an Ozzy


Hey guys!

Well, the reason I’ve been so quiet past few months is I actually moved from Israel ┬áto Sydney, Australia. Yep, the southern hemisphere, the world down under :). Was a bit shaky period, but it’s finally over! This blog is on again, and I will do my best bringing you not only the food related goodies, as I’ve done till now, but also some interesting Ozzy stories about how things are done down here.

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Culinary Traveler Notes – Vienna, Austria


One of the biggest benefits in my line of work is travelling. I work for one of the world’s largest IT companies and get to travel about 10-12 times a year all over the world. Vienna was the very first destination I’ve traveled when I joined the company back in year 2000, and ever since each time I arrive there is a thrill. So today I want to share few of my notes in regards to the culinary side of this beautiful city.

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“Blue Sky” – fine dining in Tel Aviv, on the kosher side



Despite the fact this blog will be mainly dedicated to open fire cooking recipes, I will also try to write about interesting culinary experiences around the globe, which I’ve gathered quite a lot in my travels. Today – it is about a unique place, which gives you a chance to experience the genuine fine dining cuisine, but on the kosher side of it. And guess what? It is damn good!

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